6-Figure Barber Program

Phase I; Earning 100k from behind the chair 
This course is the first phase to obtaining financial freedom through barbering. To create passive income, it takes a high income and bankability. In 6FB phase 1, we will be laying out the blueprint through tested and proven strategies and efficiencies to help maximize your income from behind the chair. While growing your income, we will be showing you how to control and manage your finances to prepare you for 6-Figure Barber Phase II; The Blueprint to Financial Freedom. 
There is a 3 cycle commitment when joining this subscription. Cancellations/Refunds before 3 payments have been received will not be approved.
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6Figures is just the start.
 Wealth, Health & Freedom is the Destination 

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6 Figure Barber Roadmap

You will learn the system we have used to help our own barber's reach 6 figures in income.

We use specific strategies
and tools to duplicate success in any market and you gain access to all of it.

- Online Marketing Strategies
- Tracking Sheets
- Paid Ad blueprint
- Guerilla Marketing Tactics
- KPIs we base strategic decisions from
- Templates we use to increase revenues

Get your Personal Finances in order

We will help you polish up your financial situation. Structure your cashflow so that you can leverage partnerships with financial institutions.

Learn how to create your own BENEFITS like retirement accounts & insurance.

Fix your credit with the strategies we teach you and the tools you will gain access to.

DON'T HAVE TIME to send letters to the credit bureaus? use our credit repair experts at no extra charge and they'll work on your credit behind the scenes.

Get right with the IRS and learn some of the most advanced tax strategies you can use to save money while remaining bankable.

Meet Your

6-Figure Barber Coaches


Jordian's career has skyrocketed with remarkable success. In his first year, he cleared 26k; by the second, he reached 168k and acquired his first rental property.
Year three is projected to exceed 200k, already having signed for his own barbershop. His unwavering adherence to our system since his garage cutting days has been key to his achievements.


After running a shop for 7 years in Tennessee, Tylor relocated to Florida without any existing clientele or connections. Our program significantly jumpstarted his career in Florida. Within 30 days, his income doubled, and he's since experienced exponential growth, now earning over $3,000
weekly. Tylor is eager to share these strategies with you to help you achieve similar success.


In 2019, Zack was making $600/week. He was fully booked, but didn't know how to scale. 2 years later, in 202l he had his first $100,000 year and has skyrocketed since. He owns 2 barbershops & counting. Within 4 months of moving to a new city, he has already filled his book again. Leverage his experience, and duplicate the success he's had in a much shorter time frame!


At 30, Nate transitioned from high school teaching to full-time barbering, leveraging the 6 Figure Mentorship approach to accelerate his career. He now specializes in replicating success, empowering barbers to exceed their previous earnings. For Nate, reaching six figures isn't the goal-it's the standard.


Tito's business thrived after adopting strategies from the 6-Figure Barber Mentorship.
Previously, business decisions were made based on feelings, for example, moving to a private suite, and prematurely raising prices. But now, making business decisions based on the data, his income has soared well past 6 figures and growing! His goal is to help you fast track past the mistakes and reach your goals fast!


AJ successfully scaled two barbershops across two states, using our systems to boost traffic and achieve full staffing. By implementing our SEO strategies, he elevated both locations to top-ranking shops in their cities, driving increased visibility and traffic, ultimately leading to their success.
He is excited to help fast-track your barbershop to success!

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