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Co-Owner of the Headlines Barbershops Chain, with 5 locations in the Tampa Bay area. Chris Bossio has gone on to grow a Youtube channel of over 350L subscribers. Through the growth of his channel, Bossio founded and co-owns Tomb45. He has established himself as one of the best educators in the industry, even being recognized as the 'Educator of the Year' in 2019 at the CT Barber Expo, the biggest barber event in the United States. 


Get_Beamed/ PapiBeam
Taking the YouTube community by storm with his engaging voiceovers and next level haircuts Beam has one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube with over 375K subscribers. Using his influence he's been able to engineer his own products powered by Tomb45. As an educator and platform artist Beam has traveled all over the country sharing his passion and knowledge.  


As a 13 year veteran in the barber industry Bonez has been a featured artist on multiple platforms, educator for clipper companies and other brands. His Goal and mission is to heal the people in anyway shape or form, most commonly it comes through the doors of his shop QURE. His biggest professional accomplishment is providing a space for his peers to provide for their families and showcase but FIRST he will always be a FAMILY man. 


For over 25 years S.Craft has been mastering the art of barbering. His reputation for excellence and attention to details has allowed him to create an exclusive clientele base of top paying customers. S.Craft has grown as an influencer on Instagram, as a YouTube educator and as a platform artist.


With 8 years in the barber industry Sean has developed a versatile skillset cutting any style or texture of hair. Owner of Klutch Barbershop in the small city of Owensboro,Ky he's used his social platforms to develop his own personal brand. Creator Klutch enhancement card, Sean is now a platform artist and educator traveling all throughout the country sharing his abundance of knowledge. 


Known for his unique editing style, Yofonzz took the social media platforms by storm. Using his experience with helping others create and edit content, Fonz was able to reach over 100K subscribers on his youtube channel. Initially being recognized for his crazy "Wolf" session, he has been making a name for himself as a respected barber in the industry with only 5 years of haircutting under his belt. 


With almost 5 years of professional experience, Dre has established himself as an up and coming barber in the industry. Priding himself on transparency, he has shown his progress from a new barber to being in the company of some of the elite barbers in the industry. In taking on a more significant role in the operations and growth of Tomb45, Dre has still found impactful ways to share his growing love and knowledge for cutting hair through his social media platforms.  

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Academy subscriptions will give you access to mentorship, haircut tutorials, and a community of barbers.

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Marketing and finance lectures so that you can make barbering a successful CAREER! 
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